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Emotions, History and Place

Monday 8th – Tuesday 9th June 2020 (postponed – date TBC)

10 am – 5 pm

Queen Mary University and Sutton House and Breakers Yard, National Trust, London

Conference update

Given the current situation regarding COVID-19, we regret to announce that we have taken the difficult decision to postpone the Emotions, History and Place Conference in June 2020. We are very much committed to re-staging the conference, in some form, at a later date once we have a clearer idea of what the future holds. We would like to thank all those who have submitted their fascinating and varied abstracts – we look forward to hearing more about your research in the near future. In the meantime, the EHP Team would like to thank you for your patience and understanding – and we wish you the very best over the coming months.

There is no place that is not haunted by many different spirits hidden there in silence… Haunted places are the only ones people can live in. Michel de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life: Walking the City (1984)

The Emotions, History and Place conference 2020 at Queen Mary University London, invites a range of reflections on the relationship between emotions and place within a historical context. To what extent have emotional experiences in the past transformed sites into places of significant meaning? To what extent have different spaces shaped the emotional experiences of historical actors residing within them? How far do our own emotional responses, as well as those of stakeholders, visitors, and the public, influence our approaches towards sites of history and heritage?

Conference information

The Old Operating Theatre Museum, London

Call for papers

Site of execution, the Tyburn Tree, London

Conference programme

Sutton House, National Trust, Hackney

Venue and accessibility

Poll Tax riots in Trafalgar Square, 1990


Pilgrims Way, London to Canterbury

Travel and accommodation

Queer City: London Club Culture 1918-1967


Centre for the History of the Emotions

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This conference is supported by funding from the Wellcome Trust via the Living with Feeling project at Queen Mary University London. In 2015 the Centre for the History of the Emotions was awarded a grant of £1.6m by the Wellcome Trust for a five-year interdisciplinary research project entitled ‘Living With Feeling: Emotional Health in History, Philosophy, and Experience’. You can find out more on the project website.